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Ways You Can Support Our Champions

Honour Society raises money to provide programs that support our mission and vision to make every child's potential a reality and directly impacts every student at OPA-MS. Honour Society helps our school purchase technology, programs and materials that are not in its budget and funds academic, athletic, and enrichment programs and student and family events. 


How it's done...


Thanks for all you do to make our school great!

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Support OPA-MS every time you buy your groceries!

Your Rewards points will earn cash for OPA-MS every time you shop at Ralphs and use your Rewards Card! Here's how:


STEP 1: Login to your Ralphs Account at www.ralphs.com


STEP 2: Click on your name and “My Account” in the top corner, then select “Community Contributions” in menu on the left


STEP 3: Type HL390 or OPA Middle School Honour Society in the search field. Click Enroll.


Note: New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a rewards card. 


 Ralphs Account