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Meet The 2024-2025 OPA-MS Honour Society

Honour Society is OPA Middle School's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Every parent, guardian and staff member of the Middle School is a member of Honour Society. Our Honour Society is made up of hard-working parents and teachers who collectively come together to serve as volunteers for various enriching activities. 





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Monique Lopez (CO-PRESIDENT)

Monique is a seasoned OPA family member, joining the SV campus, and SV Honour Society when the school opened in 2016. She's had two sons graduate OPA-SV (2018 and 2021), and her daughter is in 6th Grade at MS this year. When she's not doing Honour Society duties, you'll find her at various sporting events for her kids - softball, ice hockey and college football - she's a busy mom. Monique also loves to shop, host her family for pool parties and enjoys good food. 


Erin has been an OPA parent since 2018 with her eldest son in 6th grade at the middle school and youngest son in 4th grade at OPA-SV. When she is not volunteering for Honour Society, she is typically teaching geography at a local college, traveling the world or cooking up a delicious meal. She's lived in France and wrote her master's thesis on wine geography! You'll also find her racing sailboats. 


Allison is a superstar mom of twin 6th Grade girls, joining the OPA family when her daughters started kindergarten. You’ve likely seen her volunteering at numerous SOC events over the past seven years. She’s the kind of person who always has a big smile on her face, even when she’s explaining how to tell her girls apart for the 100th time. She previously served on the SOC Honour Society, and this year takes on the role of Auditor for MS Honour Society. The Parada family are self-confessed National Park junkies - 25 visited to date. When they’re not off camping or hiking, you’ll often find Allison strolling with her family down Main Street USA at Disneyland.


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BRANDY MATTHEWS (Dean of Student development)

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Renee Snyder (DEAN OF Spirit)

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VACANT (DEAN OF volunteers)

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Courtney joined OPA SOC in 2019, rolled up her sleeves and immediately threw herself into volunteering in the school community. Along with being a current OPA Parent Ambassador, she has previously served as SOC Honour Society's Vice President and President, and has stepped up as Parliamentarian for our MS Honour Society this year. Courtney has a 6th Grade son and between chauffeuring him to multiple sports and taking care of their German Shepherd, you'll find her singing, modeling and exploring her family ancestry. Her family enjoys traveling and being actively involved in serving their community.

VACANT (recording secretary)

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VERONICA WONG (VP of finance)

Veronica and family joined the OPA middle school community just last year and she is mom to two boys, including a 7th grader at OPA-MS. With the formation of the new OPA-MS Honour Society this year, she jumped straight into something she is familiar with – accounting and finance.  She is a licensed California CPA and has been in charge of the SEC reporting group of a local company in the technology space for the past eight years. In her spare time, she enjoys planning new food and travel adventures.